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Bird Feeder Month 2016

Wednesday, 10th February 2016

In today’s busy lifestyle and on-the-go living, bird feeding is one of the most popular and enjoyable ways to observe the local wildlife and a bit of nature. Bird feeding is also an inexpensive activity that can help sustain bird populations through the seasons, if done correctly.

Here are our Top Bird Feeding Tips:

Feeders and feeding stations

There are many different varieties of bird feeders and feeding stations available these days, from the more traditional wooden feeders to platform, suet or tube feeders – and each design can attract a different species of bird into your garden. When choosing a feeder, bear the following in mind:

  • What type of birds would I like in my garden? Ground level feeders attract doves and pigeons; hanging feeders tend to attract titmice, goldfinches, and cardinals; while tree-trunk type feeders attract woodpeckers and wrens.
  • What is your budget? Plastic tube feeders can be a cheaper choice and are easier to clean and refill. Wooden bird feeders can look very attractive in a garden, but require additional care.
  • What is the best feeder size? Smaller feeders are an optimal choice as the feeder will empty quicker, leaving less possibility of seeds getting wet and spoiling. Try placing a few smaller sized feeders in your garden to avoid crowding and always have a supply waiting.



Bird seed and safe food

While most store-bought seed mixes might be adequate, always make sure the brand is a reputable source. Giving wild birds options of nutritionally higher quality foods can be a wonderful self-rewarding choice.  

  • Black-oil sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts, peanuts, white proso millet, nyjer seeds, mealworms and cracked corn are both high in fat and protein content, offering high energy meals.
  • Human food is not safe for most bird species. Against what we’ve always thought, bread has no nutritional value for birds. Stale bread could also potentially harm birds.
  • For variety in the seasons, sultanas soaked in water can be offered for ground feeding birds, while during Spring, fruits can be left out for birds to peck on.



  • It is imperative to keep bird feeders and feeding stations clean with a regular scrub and sterilisation. This not only keeps the bird population healthier, but it also reduces the risk of spreading bird-related diseases. Mouldy and spoiled food should be thrown away and replenished with fresh, dry feed.



Bird feeder placement

  • As mentioned in our first tip, placement of your feeder can play a vital role in the types of birds that visit your garden. Try experimenting with the height of feeders on tree branches, but be sure to guard the feeders against squirrels and other critters that can scare off the birds. Squirrel-proof feeders, metal domes or even cut hose piping segments on the hanging line can all deter squirrels.


Add a water feature

  • During the Winter months when water sources freeze over, birds rely heavily on garden water features to drink, especially after a banquet of dry seeds and nuts. Consider adding a small and simple water feature to your garden, preferably with clean, untreated running water, or a pond. It will save birds from a long trip to find other natural sources and they will use these water features to preen their feathers and rest up before moving on or migrating.



  • While bird watching can be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime, be sure to provide birds with a safe environment. Startled birds will often fly off in any direction simply to get away and, as a result, many birds have died from window collisions. Research has shown that placing bird feeders closer to a window reduces any impact, leading to a safer collision – or simply place them further away from windows. You could add colourful stickers to your windows so that birds can spot them from far.



What kind of birds can you expect?

  • In small town gardens, you could expect to see dunnocks, song thrushes, chaffinches, starlings, house sparrows, blackbirds, great and blue tits, and robins.
  • Wooded areas will have woodpeckers, nuthatches, marsh, coal, and long-tailed tits.

Did you know– if you notice that not many birds are visiting your garden in the winter, this is a good signal for a mild Winter. Other food sources are available to birds, so they have no need to scavenge.

Always enjoy

Bird feeding is both a relaxing and worthwhile hobby. By leaving out bird feeders with nutritious seeds, many a migrating bird will benefit from the readily available meal. This saves the bird population and ensures a healthy one. Keep an in-depth field guide ready with a pair of binoculars and become an expert in identifying some of the UK’s most iconic bird species.

Written By Fiona

January is Hot Tea month!

Tuesday, 26th January 2016

January is Hot Tea month! If there’s anything we British know about – it is our tea. So get the kettle on for your favourite brew – and keep warm this winter!

Tea first appeared in ancient China, dating back to around 3000 BC. As the legend goes, the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting under a Camellia sinensis, or Tea tree one day when the wind rustled the leaves. A few of the leaves landed in a cup of water his servant was boiling for him, and so the first cup of tea came into being. But Tea wouldn’t be considered Britain’s “national” drink until 1662 AD, with the arrival of Catherine of Braganza - the future wife of King Charles II, who is said to be responsible for making tea a fashionable drink in England.

So how do you celebrate Hot Tea Month you ask? – By making your favourite brew!

Emergency Tea Bag Tin

Never be without Tea! This Emergency Tea Bag Tin is ideal for tea drinkers who always need their fix. Decorated with the grunge-styled print art of Rachel Bright, this tin is small enough to take with you when travelling, for keeping in a handbag or in your pocket for those must-have-tea emergencies!

Rockstir Guitar Teaspoons

Add a little rock ‘n roll to your cuppa with these Rockstir Teaspoons! Made from stainless-steel and available in three designs (Electric, Classic and Lightning), these teaspoons will be a hit with any tea drinking musician.

Mr Tea

Looks like Mr Tea has the right idea… Made from heat-resistant silicone, this quirky little man can have his trousers filled with your favourite tea leaves and then simply hang around in your mug for that perfect drink. He is also microwave and dishwasher safe.


Chocolate Teapot

Not a tea drinker but don’t want to be left out for Hot Tea month? No problem, our delicious Chocolate Teapot is the perfect substitute for the non-tea drinker, while still keeping to the spirit of it. Made from solid Belgian milk chocolate this will be a guaranteed hit at gatherings! Make hot chocolate or a chocolate fondue simply by adding boiling water – the chocolate is so rich and decadent, you won’t even need milk!

Aga Teapot

Add nostalgic appeal to afternoon tea with this functional china replica of everyone’s favourite range cooker. This quirky teapot looks just like an AGA and even has some additional novelties, such as a cat snoozing on the hotplate and a kettle, which is the lid. Pair it up with our Aga Biscuit Tins, available in red, blue or cream! This is a great gift for any tea-drinker.  

Written By Fiona

January Catalogue Code Prize Draw Winner

Thursday, 21st January 2016

We have a winner! Find out who’s won a £250 shopping spree in our latest Catalogue Code Prize Draw.


Exciting news! We have been busy collating all the catalogue codes that you have submitted with your online orders over the past 6 months - and we finally have a winner. The Catalogue Code Prize Draw was made on 15th January 2016. A HUGE congratulations to Lesley. We hope you enjoy your £250 shopping spree on our website.

Thank you to everyone who entered their catalogue code into the prize draw. Keep an eye out for our next draw in July for your chance to WIN!

Written By Fiona

A fabulous new year – a fabulous new collection!

Wednesday, 13th January 2016

2015 seemed to pass by in a flash – and we’re already into the second week of January. To get this year started with a bang, our latest catalogue is filled with new and exciting Travel, Practical Home, Garden and DIY products, as well as our top selling gifts.

For the Traveller

If you are lucky enough to be travelling this year, then the Wheeled Budget Airline Bag is the perfect travel accessory. Ideally crafted to conform to carry-on baggage allowance standards, it has a 44-litre capacity and fits perfectly in the overhead lockers on commercial flights. The bag also has padded shoulder straps, allowing it to also be used as a rucksack.

Winter Warmers

While this has been our mildest winter, there is still nothing more comforting than warming up with a hot bowl of delicious soup. ‘Soup’ is a 184 page treasure trove of truly unique and unusual, easy-to-follow recipes that inspire, make cooking easy and will leave you wanting more. Author Vava Berry opens up a new world of nourishing meals, versatile dinners using left-overs and healthy menu options at a really low price.

Kitchen Chic

Look smart in the kitchen with our Hinchcliffe & Barber Apron. Made from top-quality cotton, this beautiful apron is printed with the award-winning Songbird block-print design. It also has an adjustable neck strap to allow for comfort, and is gift boxed. If you are an AGA owner, pair up this apron with our Hinchcliffe & Barber Range-top Covers.


For the organised

What couldn’t you find on the web? A Google search can lead you down Alice’s rabbit hole of suggested pages that will capture you for hours at a time. However, keeping track of these can sometimes be a daunting task. Our Internet Address and Password Logbook has 144 alphabetically tabbed pages so you can record a website’s address, your username and password and any additional information. There is also room to include router, broadband and computer information. Available in Purple Paisley or Plain Black.

For the tech savvy

Always know who’s at your door before answering, with this Wireless Doorbell Camera and Intercom. This little safety gadget is great for avoiding suspicious characters or unwanted visitors! The doorbell features night vision and a 20 photo memory so you can see if you’ve missed any visitors, during the day or at night. Incredibly easy to install, the doorbell works on 4 AA batteries, it has a 150m transmission range and is water-resistant.

Good Clean Fun

New year –New home! Make one of your New Year’s resolutions all about the home. We spend most of our time in our home, it’s where we unwind and relax, so why not spruce it up with a good scrub. The Household Sonic Scrubber® is an ideal helper for those intensive Spring Cleans. With interchangeable heads to reach even the toughest spots, it rotates at 10 000 scrubs a minute, making short work of grime. Comes with 4 AA batteries.

Convenience at its best

While plastic boxes are the usual left-over storage solution for most households, sometimes they can be a bit too bulky and space-wasting in the freezer, so your only other option is to use plastic bags.. However, while they store flat and stack conveniently, filling them always feels like advanced kitchen physics and an inevitable disaster just waiting to happen! The Fill & Store™ is a simple, yet very effective helper in filling bags with no mess and no fuss! An essential tool in any kitchen!

Written By Fiona

Christmas Shopping Spectacular Update

Friday, 18th December 2015

In November, we were thrilled to sponsor the “Men’s Den” at the 25thAnniversary of the Christmas Shopping Spectacular, held at Arley Hall in aid of the Seashell Trust charity.

We are proud to say that over £45 000 was raised at the event for the Trust. The money will go towards installing a sensory room in one of the newly built residential houses, which will make a huge impact on the lives of the children they support.

We would like to congratulate the Arley Christmas Fair Committee for organising such a successful and fun Fair, and we will hope to see you there next year!

Written By Fiona

Christmas Cheer is just around the corner!

Friday, 11th December 2015

Christmas festivities are well underway! All the last minute Christmas gifts are being wrapped up and hidden away, and all that is left now is arranging the family party. Here is our selection of must-have dinner party essentials:

Liqueur Chocolates

Nothing says after dinner satisfaction like a selection of everyone’s favourite chocolatey treats over coffee. If you are looking to add a bit of boozy fun into the mix, then these delicious Belgian milk chocolates are perfect for any occasion. Created by Master Chocolatier Duc d’O, the selection includes 4 pieces each of Grand Marnier, Rémy Martin, Mandarine Napoléon, Cointreau and Saint James flavoured bites.

Personalised Port

Want to impress the guests at the Christmas table? Why not get a personalised bottle of late vintage Port from renowned shipper, George Sandeman. It’s the perfect drink to finish off Christmas dinner, and will be a hit with any port drinker.

Whisky Wedge

The Whisky Wedge is a must for any connoisseur. This clever tumbler comes with a silicone wedge that divides the glass in half, diagonally. To use, simply fill the lower cavity with water through a spout on the top of the wedge and keep the tumbler in the freezer for a few hours. Once frozen, remove the wedge and enjoy undiluted, perfectly chilled whisky.

Truffle Selection

Made in the heart of the Cotswolds, these finest Italian truffles have been collected in the Sibillini Mountains by trained hunters and their dogs to ensure delicious authenticity. Perfect for pasta, omelettes and more, they make a fantastic gift for any aspiring gourmet chef. 

Italian Cheese Making Kit

Keeping up with the culinary wonder of Italy, impress your dinner guests with a fine selection of Italian cheese, all made by you. The Italian Cheese Making Kit is perfect for beginners. Makes Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Ricotta and more.

Rubis Chocolate Wine

There is no better way to end of a great evening with family and friends than with a nightcap. The irresistible Rubis Chocolate wine is a perfect combination of fortified red wine and rich, velvety dark chocolate. Enjoy it as it is, or as a flavouring base for venison, game or beef dishes.

Written By Fiona

The Arley Hall Shopping Spectacular

Friday, 13th November 2015

Earlier this week Qwerkity were delighted to sponsor the “Men’s Den” at a dazzling 25thAnniversary Christmas Shopping spectacular held at Arley Hall

The Arley Hall Shopping Spectacular

Earlier this week Qwerkity were delighted to sponsor the “Men’s Den” at a dazzling 25thAnniversary Christmas Shopping spectacular held at Arley Hall, the Cheshire stately home of Lord and Lady Ashbrook. The Fair was held in aid of a wonderful charity, the Seashell Trust.

As hundreds of visitors entered via the magical Grade I timber framed cruck barn built in 1471, they saw our colourful table laden with many of the bestselling Qwerkity, Presents for Men gifts. Visitors were invited to enter a free prize draw to win everything on the table – worth over £700.  

Congratulations to the winner Jackie Slater of Appleton. We hope you enjoy your prize and thank you for supporting the Seashell Trust.

Well done as well, to the dynamic Arley Hall Fair Committee whose hard work made this glittering and magical occasion a huge success. We were thrilled to be part of it.

Written By Fiona

Our new Autumn-Winter gift catalogue is out

Wednesday, 14th October 2015

Our new Autumn-Winter gift catalogue is out – and we’ve sourced over 500 new and exciting gifts and goodies, practical gadgets and quirky must-haves! With too many great gifts to highlight here, we asked our customers to pick their favourite Top 10!


Kate Middle-toe Socks

Follow in the foot-steps of our fashionable Princess! Or get the next best thing – the Kate Middle-toe Socks! These cute and quirky socks feature the iconic Duchess, with a playful smirk. Made from a cotton-rich blend, one size (fits 4-8) and machine washable.

Prof Brian Sox Socks

Everyone who has ever been interested in science and the workings of the world would have most definitely come across the iconic smile and enthusiasm of Professor Brian Cox. If you’re a fan or know someone who is, immortalise your favourite point Dexter with these cotton-rich colourful socks.

20 in 1 Multi-Tool

Few pocket tools available on the market these days offer as many uses as this one. Fitted with a quick release clip key ring, this multi-tool can be carried around on your house or car keys and on your person at all times to have at hand for those unexpected emergencies. Featuring 6 spanners, 3 flat head screwdrivers, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a cutting blade, wire stripper, box opener, nail cleaner, file, 5cm ruler and a pry bar, this is the only tool you’ll ever need.

Leather Cricket Ball Manicure Set

Put a new spin on male grooming with this Leather Cricket Ball Manicure Set. An ideal gift for any cricketer or cricket fan, the set is presented in a cricket ball-shaped leather pouch. It comes with both large and small nail clippers, tweezers, nail scissors and a 3-in-1 nail tool that includes a nail file, cuticle trimmer and nail file.

Build Your Own Massey Ferguson

For anyone who has grown up around a farm that had a Massey Ferguson tractor, this 1:32 scale model kit will be well appreciated. Easy to assemble, the kit comes with 700 pieces that are fitted together and held in place with screw-in nails, provided along with a screwdriver, making it less messy work and a lot more fun. The tractor also has a hitch up and tip trailer as well as soft rubber profiled wheels.

Skull Glass Bowl

Indy, eat your heart out! Who needs a wild goose chase for mythical crystal skulls, when our Glass Skull beats them all! This Glass Skull Bowl is a unique and quirky addition to any table setting or décor theme that is sure to get a few wide-eyed glances. Fill it with fruits, snacks, sweets or various knick-knacks – its cubic capacity is surprisingly vast!

Chocolate Teapot

This is one chocolate teapot that most definitely is not useless. In fact, this might be the most useful chocolate teapot in the world – especially if you are having a chocolate fondue party! Hand made with deliciously rich Belgian chocolate; simply add boiling water to the teapot. The chocolate pot is thick enough to enjoy a few cups of luxurious sweet, dark chocolate hot chocolate, or as a marshmallow and strawberry fondue, then simply break it apart and eat up the left overs!

Braids, Buns & Twists!

Whether it’s a hairstyle for a friend’s wedding, a first date or simply a night in, hair can be an artistic canvas with the right tools and a little guidance. The Braids, Buns and Twists book features 84 sensational hairstyles for various lengths and types of hair and at varying difficulty. If you’re struggling to get your hair just right for that important work day, night out or just to look a little more stylish, then this book will show you how.

Secret Paris Colouring Book

Switch off and lose yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Paris as you bring them to life. Colouring for adults is said to be the latest new craze, and an exceedingly popular alternative to therapy – and we can see why. It’s the perfect way to relax and destress after a long and trying day. Secret Paris features creative scenes and outlined drawings that will enchant and absorb you for hours on end, simply colouring away. 

Cat Scratcher Turntable

Keep your furniture safe from Mr Fluffy with this comic Cat Scratcher Turntable. All cats love to scratch, very often ruining our favourite furniture, and yet we still love them! Now you can keep your upholstery intact and still have a good giggle watching your cat looking adorable, doing an all too human thing and spinning those decks to his own beat.  

Written By Fiona

Keep An Eye Out For Fiona's Hidden Gems!

Friday, 11th September 2015

This week I've found you a whole range of goodies at bargain prices! Fiona's Hidden Gems uncovers our best offers on the web so you don't have to use up your precious time!

At Presents For Men we like to make our customers' lives easier. That's why if you are signed up to our Facebook  or Twitter  page you will get regular updates of what's going on.

So, instead of searching through the website looking for great offers, I do the trawling for you! Fiona's Hidden Gems brings you the best offers on our website, so you can save time, and then save money when you see some of our amazing bargains!
Master The Art of...Singing
So far I have uncovered 'Master The Art of...Singing' - a whopping 75% off! This would be perfect for me as I have a terrible voice! 

Don't forget 'Reader's Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary
(was £12.99) NOW £4.95 - what a bargain! This book will tell you things you never even knew about - including how to clean shoes with toothpaste, or did you know you can revive a car battery with an aspirin? Very clever if you ask me.Reader's Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Keep an eye out for more hidden gems on Facebook and Twitter and get all your friends to sign up so they can take advantage of our fantastic offers too!

Written By Fiona

Travel Gadgets for Summer Breaks

Tuesday, 28th July 2015

Summer breaks mean more time exploring the world. We have the perfect collection of Travel Gadgets to suit your every need.

Digital Luggage Scales

With ever-shrinking baggage allowances for air travel, make sure you never have to worry about excess baggage charges or having to repack your bags at the airport. The Digital Luggage Scale provides an accurate weight reading in both kilograms and pounds, up to 50kg.

Budget Airline Bag

If you’re planning a trip on a budget airline, this is the perfect bag to take. Budget airlines can be great for short flights, but at the cost of reduced cabin baggage. This Budget Airline Bag has its dimensions printed on the outside of the bag and conforms to the new standard allowance of hand luggage.

Deluxe Flat Back Snoozer

Long flights or train rides can leave you feeling uncomfortable, tired and jetlagged. Travel in maximum comfort next time with this Deluxe Flat Back Snoozer. Filled with micro-beads, it offers support for your neck by keeping your head from rolling sideways, and has a flat back so that your neck isn’t pushed forward.  

World Adaptor with Twin USB Charger

This all in one World Adaptor allows you to connect virtually anywhere in the world. With easily identified plugs, it is supported in various countries and has 2 USB sockets to charge smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

Universal Tablet Mount

Have stress-free journeys with the family with this Universal Tablet Mount. No more arguing about who gets to watch the iPad! Designed to install in seconds, this innovative gadget latches between the driver and passenger headrests, allowing for full view tablet viewing for every passenger in the back seat.

12 Piece Carry-On Toiletries Set

This 12 Piece Carry-On Toiletries Set is ideal to use when travelling overseas. Made from durable plastic, this set contains 6 dent-resistant jars, 3 press-open bottles and 1 spray bottle, plus peel-and-stick labels to identify the contents of the jars easliy.

Radio Controlled Clock

One of our favourite best sellers! This battery operated, Radio Controlled Clock will use radio signals in its proximity to automatically keep the correct time to within one second in a million years and will even automatically change over summer and winter daylight saving times. Never be late again with this ultimate tech gadget which features day, date, alarm, snooze and temperature settings. 

Written By Fiona

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