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Welcome to our blog, where we bring you the latest in gifts for men, gadgets, secret santa ideas, gifts for her and accessories.

Celebrating Wine Week 2015

Wednesday, 20th May 2015

Sometimes called the nectar of the Gods, wine has had its popularity as the drink of choice for much of human history. This week, we celebrate National English Wine Week with a few of our favourite picks:

Aegean Tray

The Aegean Tray is a perfect gift for any gracious host. This practical and clever design allows you to carry a tray of drinks without spilling a drop. It is perfect to use at parties when carrying an additional serving dish, holding onto a child’s hand or negotiating steps. Thanks to a simple law of physics, the Aegean Tray can be swung at almost impossible angles without the glasses or their contents spilling.

Good Day Bad Day Wine Glass

We’ve all had ‘those’ kind of days. The good ones, the bad ones and the don’t even ask ones… and sometimes, words don’t suffice to sum up the day. This wine glass is measured in degrees of Good Day, Bad Day and Don’t Ask – and is ideal for any workaholic or wine lover who enjoys unwinding at the end of the day with a glass of wine.

Rubis Chocolate Flavoured Wine

An indulgent combination of fortified red wine and premium dark chocolate makes Rubis Wine an exceptionally luxurious gift. Infused with rich notes of cherry and red fruits, this wine is an ideal companion to many desserts.  Serve it at room temperature or chilled as an after-dinner sensory treat – especially over vanilla ice cream.

Personalised Red Wine

There’s no better gift than to receive something that is unique to you. Spoil your next gift recipient with their very own Personalised Red Wine, perfect for any stylish occasion. A scrumptious, medium-bodied wine with a well-balanced palate of ripe, dark berry fruits with hints of vanilla and cherries. Choose from 3 red wine label designs, available in Red Frame, Vineyard or Gold label.

1001 Wines You Must Try Before You Die

1001 Wines You Must Try Before You Die is the Holy Grail book for any wine lover, or a top class venture into the world of Wine tasting and appreciation. This extensive guide features expert knowledge and experiences on the best wines in the world – both readily available or old and rare, costing guidelines, tasting notes, history and facts about the wines and vineyards and beautiful photographs.

Wine Bottle Glass

It doesn’t matter if your glass is half full or half empty, as long as you have the rest of the bottle. Share a bottle of wine and a good laugh with a wine-drinking friend with this quirky Wine Bottle Glass. Printed with the words ‘Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!’ this glass can hold a whole 750ml bottle of their favourite wine.

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Bamboozle your guests with this gravity-defying Lasso Wine Bottle holder! This completely stable and clever optical illusion is a great addition to any kitchen or bar and will make a stunning first impression. While both ends of the lasso are just rope, the rest of it is sneakily reinforced with metal tubing – but there’s no need to let the guests know that!

Written By Fiona

New For Summer 2015

Friday, 15th May 2015

It’s time to shed our winter drowsiness! We’ve handpicked some of our best items and gifts to get you into the swing of Summer!

Jumbo Storage Bags

Get rid of household clutter with these Jumbo storage bags. They are ideal for storing seasonal clothing, children’s toys or bedding and are designed to fold flat so they can conveniently be stored away when not in use. Available in a range of stylish patterns.

Tap Water Bottles

Bring a little simple style into your home with these charming glass water bottles. Keep them in the fridge, filled with tap water or filtered water, ready for any occasion. The litre bottles have airtight ceramic flip lids and come in a pack of 2.

Stay Cool Ice Towel

This innovative, lightweight microfibre Ice Towel will provide instant relief from overheating. Simply soak it, wring out the excess water and shake it out to keep it cool for up to 2 hours. This towel is ideal to use with any physical and gym activities, warm travel and holiday locations, or when experiencing hot flushes. 

Universal Tablet Mount

Have stress-free journeys with the family with this Universal Tablet Mount. No more arguing about who gets to watch the iPad! Designed to install in seconds, this innovative gadget latches between the driver and passenger headrests, allowing for full view tablet viewing for every passenger in the back seat.

Giant Beach Ball

Nothing says summer fun like a beach ball, so why not add even more fun with a Giant Beach Ball which inflates to over 1 metre in diameter. Take it along to the beach, the park or play at home in the garden.

Hands-Free Carry Clip

The one thing about the British weather is how unpredictable it can be. Cloudy mornings and sunny afternoons – you’re never too sure what to wear and what to take with you on a day out. This Hands-Free Carry Clip is an ideal solution to that very problem. This multi-purpose Carry Clip attaches to your bag and can be adjusted to hold anything from sweaters and jerseys to gloves and water bottles.

Pet Remedy Diffuser & Spray

Some unavoidable situations such as moving house, fireworks, visits to the vet or travelling can sometimes be an overwhelming ordeal for our pets. Available in a Diffuser or Spray, Pet Remedy is a safe and natural formula made from Valerian oil, blended with Vetivert, Sweet Basil and Sage, that soothes your pets and helps keeps them happy and calm.

Telescopic Tri-blade Shears

Made from stainless carbon steel and lightweight aluminium handles, the Tri-Blade Telescopic Shears will reduce the time it takes to trim hedges, leaving more time to enjoy your garden. The Tri-Blade design features twin blades that cut simultaneously, with the central blade providing a static guide for stability and accuracy, and the ability to extend to 88cm.

Written By Fiona

Pants to the Election!

Tuesday, 5th May 2015

With one of the most important dates drawing to a close this week, we’ve decided to take a walk on the Quirkier side of the Election with our very below the belt special offer.

Now you can show your honest and true (or secret) support for your favourite (or not so loved) Politician with these election underpants. Available as a pre-order only.

Sizes available:

  • Men's White Y-fronts: M, L and XL
  • Woman's Navy Blue Briefs: XS, S, M, and L
  • £14.99 per pair


Pants to the Election

Written By Fiona

In The Driving Seat - Essential Motoring Must-haves

Thursday, 23rd April 2015

With most of our time spent driving to this place or that, a lot of us could say that we practically live in our cars. So why not kit out your four wheel ride with must-have motoring accessories that no one should be without.

Sun Blaster

Driving in the early morning or late afternoon can be hazardous, especially when the sun shines low in the sky. Avoid dangerous situations with the Sun Blaster – designed to clip onto any sun visor larger than 28cm, it reduces blinding glare and harsh reflections, without obscuring your vision.

CD Slot Mount

Worried about your windscreen or dashboard? Keep them clear with this award-winning CD Slot Mount. Whether you need to mount your Sat Nav or mobile phone, you can fit this mount into most single disc CD players. And the best part about it? Your CD player can still be used when the CD Slot Mount is inserted. Perfectly adjustable to multiple positions and angles for a perfect view.

Henry Car Bin

Keep your car clean and rubbish-free with the iconic Henry pop-up Car Bin. Ideal for sweet wrappers, parking tickets etc when on the go and fully waterproof for leaky bottles. Simply wipe it clean to clear it of any muck.

Universal GPS Nav-Pack

Both a portable dashboard stand and a protective travel case in one, the Universal GPS Nav-Pack is ideal for taking on holiday or for carrying your Sat Nav around without the worry of it getting damaged. Featuring a weighted base to keep the case in place and a soft cushioned cover to protect your Sat Nav, this Universal pack can be adjusted to 3 different angles for the best view.

Near the Motorways

Missed the turn off to the motorway service station, or just fancy a change of scenery? Near the Motorways – Affordable Alternatives to Service Stations, is a brilliantly informative guide that features over 200 pubs, restaurants, hotels and petrol stations just 5 minutes from the motorways, with special mention of those which are child and pet-friendly.

Magnetic Windscreen Cover

An essential for any car owner – this magnetic Windscreen cover boasts extra-strong magnets to keep the cover in place. Keep ice off of your windscreen in winter or cool your car down in the summer. Made from durable, washable material, this cover also has new side flaps that can be secured inside the doors.

Professional Tyre Pressure Gauge

No need to wait in long queues at the garage to check your tyre pressure. Now you can test your tyres comfortably at home. Properly inflated tyres can improve fuel consumption up to 10%, reduce tyre wear and improve car handling. Now you can always be sure that your tyres are in peak condition.

Written By Fiona

National Pet Month 2015

Thursday, 16th April 2015

This month, we celebrate our furry friends and companions in National Pet Month! Whether they uproot our new gardens or redecorate our sofas with their fur, our pets will always give us unconditional affection without compromise (unless you own a cat, of course!)

Wallace Dog Toy

Give your pup a goofy Wallace grin with this Wallace Dog Toy! With a squeaker inside, your dog will have hours of fun with this chew toy; and you will too every time your pet brings it back to you! Suitable for medium and large-sized dogs.

Dog Friendly Pubs, Hotels and B&Bs

Don’t want to leave your best friend in a kennel over the holidays? Perhaps you couldn’t resist those pleading eyes… A Good Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs, Hotels and B&Bs is an informational and newly-updated guide that features over 1,000 places in the UK where both you and your furry friend will be welcomed to drink, eat and stay in comfort.

Personalised Pet Blanket

This supersoft, faux sheepskin Blanket is the perfect way to keep your pet warm in winter, or when they get older; or use it to cover your upholstery and keep mud and fur off. This Blanket can be personalised with up to 12 characters and is machine washable.

Why Does My Dog/Cat Do That?

A comprehensive book that answers more than 50 questions that every cat and dog owner have about the behaviour of their pets. How you behave around your animal affects the way they react to you. Why Does My Dog/Cat Do That are  insightful and informative books that every pet owner should read.

Travel Water Bowl

This Travel Water Bowl is a must have for any dog owner who enjoys travelling. Keep your dog hydrated when you’re out and about with this portable water bowl. It features a 12cm opening that allows dogs to easily lap up water. Easy to fill, it has a screw-on lid to keep it watertight. Dishwasher safe.

Funny Fetch Toys – Dog Lips

The hysterical rubber Fetch Toy for dogs – our model would not put it down! Bring a smile to everyone’s lips when out for a walk – even your dog’s. It has a comfortable grip for you to throw and him to carry. As with all dog toys, play should be supervised. Suitable for medium to large breeds.

Microfibre Doggy Bag

Keep your dog warm, and your car or home clean, after walks. The super-absorbent Doggy Bag® absorbs 10 times more water, mud and sand than a regular towel. The long zip makes it easy to use and it is machine washable. Available in 4 sizes.

Written By Fiona

Music-related gifts that hit the right notes!

Wednesday, 15th April 2015

Throughout history, music has been used to communicate, express ourselves and bond family and friends together in celebrations! This April, we’re featuring our top music-related gifts that will hit all the right notes.

Guitar Wall Clock

For the muso who has it all, what better gift than a replica Fender Stratocaster Wall-mounted Clock for their collection. Realistic and well finished, this wall clock is ideal for any music lover, teenager or student.

Memphis Record Player

Dust off those old vinyls and enjoy the great collection of the music you’ve always adored, with the Memphis Record Player. This wonderful music centre allows you to play 33, 45 and 78 rpm records and
also incorporates a USB recorder, CD player, FM Radio, and integrated speakers.


Guitars: 500 of the Most Seductive Instruments 

A must-have picture book for any guitar aficionado. This book covers 500 of the most loved guitars including their players, makers, legends, myths and more about each one - a 528 page feast of captivating guitar history and ingenuity.


Personalised Guitar Plectrum

Give your musician the gift that keeps on giving and keeps you on their mind. Personalise their very own Plectrum to use every time they want to play some groovy jams.


Gareth Malone’s Guide to Classical Music 

For the fan of classical compositions – BBC’s The Choir star,  Gareth Malone’s Guide to Classical music takes you on a journey that follows the careers of great musicians, their masterpieces and the impact they had on history’s movement of classical music. Informative, funny and evocative, this book will not disappoint.


Guitar Chopping Board 

Rock out in the kitchen with this Guitar Chopping Board! Dinner time will always be a stellar performance with this cool accessory to the kitchen. Made from natural, eco-friendly bamboo, this chopping board is scratch-resistant which means it will always look great, and features a lip for collecting juices and crumbs.

Music Lover’s Socks – Manuscript 

Who says that socks need to be a boring gift? These soft, cotton-rich Manuscript Socks will make the perfect present for any music lover! One size.


Written By Fiona

National Gardening Week 2015 - Weed 'em & Reap!

Thursday, 9th April 2015

What better way to celebrate the beginning of Spring than with a few moments spent in the garden? With the days getting longer and the temperatures getting higher, it’s time to get out there – and we have a great selection of Spring and Gardening essentials.

Mud Sweeper

The fast and easy way to remove mud and stones from the treads and welts of wellies, walking and football boots and shoes. The Mud Sweeper fits in the palm of your hand, making it so easy to use. It has 2 spikes for removing stones and lumps of mud, and a stiff bristle brush for getting rid of mud and dirt.

Green Clean Easy Moss & Mould Remover

No need for hard scrubbing and washing with the Green Clean Easy Moss & Mould Remover. Wildlife and organically friendly, Green Clean removes moss and mould in 48 hours. Simply spray it on and leave it to dry. Suitable for stone, wood and terracotta surfaces.

Lawn Mower Cleaning Brush

With a clever V shaped design, this brush allows for easy blade brushing on both sides and helps with those hard to get at places on a lawn mower. Keep your mower free from grass clippings, rust and corrosion easily.

Two-way Tap

The Two-way Tap connector is an ingenious little addition to standard 2cm B.S.P thread taps. Save effort and time whether you’re filling the watering can or washing the car. Made from brass and featuring double shut-off values, this connector allows you to have the hose permanently connected and still be able to use the tap.

Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Height Adjuster

Hanging plants can be a beautiful aesthetic addition to any home, but watering them can be troublesome, especially when plants are hanging high and are difficult to reach. The Hi-Lo Adjuster allows you to lower and raise your plants up to 80cm on a catch lock system. Maximum weight: 20lb / 9kg.

Maypole Garden Support

Elegant, versatile and functional, these Maypole Garden Supports are made from black powder-coated steel and have rot-proof polypropylene strings with galvanised steel anchor pegs that are easy to set up. They are ideal for all climbing annuals, perennial flowers, such as Sweet Peas, Clematis and Morning Glory, as well as climbing French or Runner Beans.

Barrow Bag

Triple the capacity of your wheelbarrow load! The multi-purpose Barrow Bag is made from heavy-duty, laminated woven polypropylene with double-stitched seams for added strength. Both mould and rot resistant, this bag has a 270 Litre capacity and has carry handles, making it easier to haul around.

Written By Fiona

New and unusual gifts for 2015

Tuesday, 24th March 2015

This is the time of year when our buying team are flat out visiting all the Trade Shows and talking to our suppliers to find the best gifts we can for our Spring Gift and Christmas Gift catalogues. And we haven’t been disappointed! There are so many gorgeous and quirky Presents for Men and Gifts for the Girls to choose from that we are really excited about putting our new collection together.

To add to the excitement, our Founder and Buying Director, Jane Hudson, was recognised by the Spring Fair as one of the 2015 ‘Power 30’, namely the top 30 gift buyers in the whole of the country!

Here is a quick preview of some of the best new gifts we are launching next week:

For the Chocolate Lover

Our delicious Biscuit Assortment Belgian Chocolates look  incredibly realistic but are actually solid chocolate - you will be amazed, and they’re absolutely delicious too!

For the Foodie

Seeing is believing! These Carrot Salad Servers are a fun way to serve some of your 5-a-day and are remarkably realistic.

Or, for the carnivorous cook, our  Meat Cuts Apron is a fun and practical present for the man who doesn’t know his flank from his rump!


For a Wedding or Anniversary

As you can buy any combination of these 3 cushions, these Mr & Mrs Cushions are perfect for all couples, conventional or otherwise!


Or for a Christening

The adorable china Wrendale Nursery Collection will delight children, parents and grannies for years to come.

 For young Boys and Girls

Utterly irresistible, Dave the jumbo-sized, talking remote-control Minion is highly manoeuvrable and can be used indoors and outside. He is a huge hit in our office!


For Teens & Twenties

Play 6-a-side Table Football with a difference, with the Zombies vs Soldiers Table Football. The perfect gift for a zombie-mad teenager.


For those who love their Rugby

Enjoy a scrummy packed lunch away from home with this official Size 5 insulated Gilbert Rugby Lunch Bag.


And best for a joke

Whodunnit? Two quick mists of No Sh*t, Sherlock Loo Spray will erase the evidence of any offensive smell!

Written By Fiona
Filed under New Products

The Perfect Gifts for Mums this Mother’s Day

Wednesday, 18th February 2015

She gave you life, which is a pretty big deal, so it is only right that you find the perfect gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day.

We have made it easy for you this year by compiling a list of great gifts for Mums of all types in our fantastic Mother’s day gift guide. Whether she is an aspiring Nigella Lawson or idolises Kirstie Allsopp, there is something here for her.

For the Mum… who enjoys cooking

This Cake Tin is the perfect gift for the Mum that loves baking delicious cakes. It can be personalised with your choice of words and you’re only limited by your imagination, making it even more individual and special for your Mum this Mother’s Day.


For the Mum… who has asked for peace and quiet

If your Mum craves some relaxation time, these ingenious LED Candles would be the perfect gift!  Almost identical to real candles but with no naked flame, they’re perfect for creating atmospheric lighting.


For the Mum… who loves to be pampered

For the Mum who would love to be pampered this Mother’s Day, look no further for the ideal gift! Transport her to an exotic paradise with these beautifully sculpted Soap Flowers that dissolve to create an enticing bath smelling of sandalwood, citrus and cassis.


For the Mum… who is house proud

For a truly special gift for the house proud Mum, these Photo Coasters are just fantastic! Simply place photographs of you, your family or special memories under the glass of these coasters to create a unique set of personalised drinks mats just for your Mum.


For the Mum… who enjoys a tipple

If your Mum has a love of red wine and a passion for chocolate, our Rubis Chocolate Wine will send her into raptures! Deliciously rich, velvety and indulgent, your Mum would enjoy it with any chocolate-based pudding or even as a liqueur after dinner, chilled over ice.


For the Mum… with a sweet tooth

This Choc-o-lait Hot Chocolate Gift Set is the perfect gift for the Mum that loves chocolate! Included are 3 delicious blocks each of Milk, Dark and Hazelnut Belgian Chocolate on sticks to steep in mugs of hot milk, for the ultimate indulgent hot chocolate experience.


For the Mum… who has a creative streak

If your Mum has a flair for art, she’ll be thrilled with our Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups book. There are over 100 stunning patterns to colour in, each one incredibly detailed and beautiful for her to unleash her creativity. Who said colouring in is just for children?!


For the Mum… who is all about glamour

Our Flying Pig Charm Necklace is the perfect gift to convey a special message for the Mum that is glamorous. The stunning necklace is made from Sterling silver with an attractive matt finish. Your Mum will always think of you when wearing this good luck necklace.

Written By Fiona

5 Quirky St Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Thursday, 22nd January 2015

With St Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may want to treat the special man in your life to the perfect gift… We’ve got a fantastic selection of romantic, quirky and personalised St Valentine’s Day gifts to choose from.

Here are 5 great suggestions, to give you a little extra guidance and help make your choice easier!

For the Chef

If the man in your life is a whizz in the kitchen, he’ll love our Personalised Bamboo Chopping Board which comes with the words ‘King of the Kitchen’ printed on it. It can be personalised with his name to make it a gift to remember!

For the Connoisseur

If he likes to think of himself as a whisky connoisseur, he’ll love our Whisky Tasting Kit complete with 5 miniature bottles and tasting cards! Presented in a luxury box for the perfect Valentine’s gift, he’ll love impressing his friends with his knowledge of whisky! 


For the Stargazer

Does your man ever gaze up at the night sky and wonder which star is which? If so our Stellarscope Star Finder Telescope would be the ideal gift! It’s a fantastic gadget that allows you to discover 70 constellations and 1,500 stars! Just perfect for gazing at the stars together on Valentine’s Day!


For the Golfer

The golfer in your life will love our novelty Golf Bag Pen Pot SetIt’s a miniature replica of a golfing bag and trolley complete with 3 golf club shaped pens! Your man will love practicing his swing with little paper balls! 

For the Petrol Head

Any man that enjoys his motors will absolutely love to customise his own dream car with our Design Your Own Lamborghini sketchbook, licensed by Lamborghini. With outlines of 30 Gallardos to customise, it’s almost as good as designing the real thing!

Written By Fiona

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