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Unusual, Practical and Fun Gifts for Every Dad!

Tuesday, 20th May 2014

The perfect Father's Day gift can be hard to find - but we are here to help!

Stuck for gift ideas this Father’s Day? Look no further, we’ve got a great range of quirky gifts to suit every Dad out there!

Chef Dads
If your Dad thinks he’s the next Jamie Oliver and loves to make the kitchen his own, our King of the Kitchen Chopping Board is for him!

Our Labrador Glass Worktop Saver meanwhile is perfect for all dog lovers, while our Enamel Mussel Pot is the perfect way to make an unusual treat more accessible to those who love their seafood. 

Consider our Chilli Mill for a Dad who likes it hot!

Dads who love their sheds
The shed: a place of happy solitude for an awful lot of Dads. Help him claim it as his own with our personalised Man Cave sign, or give him a laugh with 50 Sheds of Grey.

Foodie Dads
If your Dad loves his food and is always up for trying something new, we’ve got the answer! Marmite Chocolate is a sweet treat with a quirky twist, while our Hot Sauces Gift Set will bring spice to any Dad’s life.

Beer-loving Dads
Looking from the outside in, it would seem that many of our Dads hold Homer Simpson in great esteem. If your Dad loves his beer, our Probably the Best Dad in the World Tankard is personalised, making it particularly special, while our Brew Your Own Ale Kits, (Golden Ale, Dark Ale and Bitter available) are perfect for those who love the idea of brewing at home.

Outdoor Dads
If your Dad loves the outdoors and spends as much time as he can out in the garden, our Gardener’s Gubbins Pots and Tool Stool may be just what he’s been waiting for. 

But we haven’t forgotten the ultimate garden experience – our Golf Bag BBQ Set will help your Dad turn the garden into his own alfresco meat-eating extravaganza… what more could any Dad want?

Quirky Dads
If laughter is the best gift for a Dad who’s a little unusual, we’ve got the perfect collection of gift ideas for you.

From our I am Your Father Darth Vader Mug to our Man Bowl, from our Sock Exchange Weekend Socks to our Secret Agent Alarm Clock, we’ve got a selection of gifts that’ll make him smile throughout the day.

Sporty Dads
Our Leather Rugby Wash Bag is one of our most popular men’s gifts; made from soft, good quality leather this is a stylish gift for anyone who loves sport.

Our Subbuteo Bottle Opener was launched in our latest gift catalogue and is the ideal fun and quirky gift for lovers of the round ball game.

For more unusual, practical and fun Father’s Day gifts, take a look at our Father’s Day page

Written By Fiona

10 Ideas to Keep Your Children Entertained Over the Bank Holidays

Thursday, 24th April 2014

Come rain or shine, we have a great set of ideas for how to keep your kids entertained over the upcoming Bank Holidays!

From creative gifts designed to inspire, to practical build-it projects and outdoor activities, we’ve got it covered. With kid’s games as well as activities suitable for the whole family, there’ll be no more wondering how to bring the family together!

Indoor Fun

1. Spiro Art in a Tin

Our Spiro Art in a Tin is perfect for boys and girls alike. Children will be amazed by the beautifully intricate patterns they can design, allowing them to make the most of their creativity and embrace their natural artistic talents. Our Spiro Art set comes in a special Tin so bits and bobs won’t make a mess or get lost!

2. Friendship Bracelet Maker

One of the best things about our school days is the chance to make friendships that grow and may last a lifetime, and time off school can be the perfect opportunity to build these relationships with peers outside the classroom. Encourage your children to celebrate these friendships with our Friendship Bracelet Maker, and make some unique, hand-made gifts with personal meaning.

3. Build your own V8 engine

Older children can often be trickier to entertain, but what better way to spend some time bonding than by building your own V8 Engine? Get their minds working with this perfect holiday gift for parents, teenagers and children above the age of 10.

4. Horse-Opoly

This classic family game with a twist is the perfect gift for a whole family of horse lovers! This game is a great way to get everyone practising their maths, showing off their bargaining skills and learning about new horse breeds.

5. Da Vinci Catapult

What better way to get your children’s minds working than by helping them to understand the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci? The best part about it is that you’re building a catapult – there aren’t many children out there who’ll say no to that! This set creates a model based on Da Vinci’s original design, and contains soft clay balls to fire once the catapult is complete.


Get Outdoors

1. Mystical Fire Magic Colour Changing Flames

Bring a little magic to your garden party with our Mystical Fire Magic Colour Changing Flames. They’ll brighten any crisp Spring evening with family and friends, creating a real bonfire with a difference! At £1.99 per pack it’s an inexpensive treat that no-one will be expecting.

2. Portable Tennis Net

Get ready for Wimbledon with our Portable Tennis Net! A great way to have fun keeping fit as a family, the Portable Tennis Net can be taken to the beach or park, or set up in your own garden. For those sporting addicts who prefer a game of Badminton, this option is also available.

3. Duel Combat Gladiator Game

Our Duel Combat Gladiator Game is bound to be a hit! A great way to let your children’s energy out and allow siblings to fight it out the fun way!

4. Stealth Archery Set

Our Stealth Archery Set is perfect for families with teenagers and adult children who want to get outdoors and learn a more grown-up skill together. It’s also a great gift for anyone who is avidly awaiting the final film in the Hunger Games trilogy and aspires to be the next Katniss Everdeen!

5. Full Size Croquet Set

Our Croquet Set will provide hours of fun for the whole family. A classic game, it is perfect for days on the beach, in the garden or at your local park. Family games are often perfect for getting the Spring excitement going as competitive team spirits rise – get grandparents, parents and children involved and create your own tournament!


Written By Fiona

Introducing our Favourite Gardening Bloggers

Tuesday, 22nd April 2014

Looking for an inspirational new gardening blog? You've come to the right place!

The clocks have moved forward and the British weather is getting warmer by the week – summer is nearly upon us.  For many of us, that may give us the opportunity to relax in the garden or enjoy a barbeque or two.

Not everyone maintains their garden over the winter period and, as a result, they are left with the large task of mowing the overgrown grass, tidying and generally sprucing up in time for summer.

And then there are those who are passionate about their garden all year round… 

This month we would like to share with you our favourite gardening bloggers who inspire and teach us how to make the most of our gardens.

The Smallest Smallholding

The Smallest Smallholding is written by Lucy from Bedfordshire, following her journey as a Smallholder from her 20s and now into her 30s.

Lucy’s beautifully designed website is full of well-written articles about general gardening, growing fruit and veg, as well as following her life as a (mostly) vegan gardener.
Emma Cooper

Keen Oxfordshire based gardener, Emma Cooper, blogs regularly on a whole host of topics – from topical book reviews, recipes and, of course, gardening.

Making compost is one of Emma’s passions, as well as growing plants and food. This includes  a number of brightly-coloured weird and wonderful edible assortments, of which she has written about in her recent blog post.
The Compost Bin

The Compost Bin follows the life of an organic family based on Herefordshire, growing their own food, living with a variety of animals (including cats, chickens and guinea pigs), and generally living a more self-sufficient lifestyle.  Oh and they make a lot of compost too!

The Compostwoman, Compostman and Compostgirl have four acres of land consisting of a garden, woodland, small orchard and veg plot.  Some of the food they grow includes fruit and veg, as well as making their own chutneys, jams, ciders and wines, which all-in-all makes it a very enjoyable and interesting blog to follow.
Veg Plotting

This blog follows the life of a gardener who decided to challenge herself to discover new things and work them out on her own, becoming an independent woman on a mission. She was faced with her first battle when she moved to Chippenham in 1999 and looked upon her 15mx15m plot. Her journey is captivating and she has many stories to tell, stories which date back to 2007 (so you better catch up!).
Real Men Sow

After being shown the ropes by his mum Jan, Jono, the author of Real Men Sow, has managed to sustain both his garden and his blog for a number of years.

Taking over a redundant allotment plot back in 2007, Jono has a passion for gardening and clearly enjoys the benefits of his labour in the form of fruit and veg. 

Jono even created a money saving spreadsheet for all savings made from growing food in his allotments!

Hillwards is a diary written by Sara on her hilltop garden in rural south Wales.

Sara’s blog highlights the beautiful array of flowers and plants grown in her large garden, accompanied by a rather awesome banner.  Her garden is well looked after even during the winter seasons, as demonstrated by her blog posts all year round.
Out of My Shed

Naomi Schillinger is behind Out of Shed – a blog following the life of a gardener in north London.  Naomi is a talented grower of vegetables, making use of small spaces and a front garden in urban London.

Out of My Shed has several blog posts on beautiful plants, the food Naomi grows and even some stories and images of wildlife being taken care of.
The London Vegetable Garden

The London Vegetable Garden follows the tales of Callum Saunders who is on a mission to show the people of England that anyone can grow vegetables, no matter how small the space they have to work with.

Callum is a passionate gardener who has been blogging for more than four years.
Vertical Veg

Vertical Veg is a great educational blog for helping to grow food successfully in containers.  There are several tips on Mark’s blog as well as training courses for container growing.

Mark learned his trade when he lived in a London flat by growing on his balcony.  After starting small, Mark ended up eating fresh food off his London balcony nearly every day of the week.  The he moved up North to Newcastle and started all over again.
The Blackberry Garden

Gardening in the evenings and on weekends, it is a happy obsession for the Blackberry Garden blogger…

Blog posts are filled with images of flowers and trees – the main components of this Leicester garden.  And there are lots of bright and colourful flowers to be seen on the Blackberry Garden blog, even during winter.
The Patient Gardener’s Weblog

Helen, the author behind The Patient Gardener’s weblog has helped plant an RHS Chelsea Flower Show showgarden and previously written for Yell as their gardening expert.

Each blog post is well-written with high quality photos of Helen’s garden and all her beautiful plants and flowers on display.
Two Thirsty Gardeners

Authors of Two Thirsty Gardeners, Rich and Nick acquired a neglected allotment plot a couple of years ago.  This blog follows the tales of their battles with slugs, weeds and even yeast infections as they continue to produce fresh fruit and veg.  And from their fruit, they make alcohol, which makes us wonder why they’re still thirsty?
Mark’s Veg Plot

Mark’s Veg Plot in his back garden consists of six fully-stocked raised beds.  His garden is so big it even contains a patio with deckchairs and a table, as well as space for a few trees and of course the standard garden shed.

With the garden being well-kept, Mark blogs about the flowers and food he grows, each accomplished with some fantastic photography.
Noel’s Garden Blog

A garden writer and researcher, lecturer and teacher, Noel’s Garden Blog doesn’t just focus on his own garden but also history lessons as well as trips around the world.
The Garden Smallholder

The Garden Smallholder follows Karen in her North Bedfordshire garden.  A blog about keeping chickens and growing fruit and vegetables mainly.

Karen fell in love with gardening and keeping chickens when she lived in Bristol prior to moving to Bedfordshire in 2008.  As well as a garden of her own, Karen also owns an allotment where she grows fruit and veg.
Tidy Gardens by Jane

Passionate gardener Jane keeps her blog updated with her work and her own garden – including a large number of photos in each blog post of the beautiful, brightly coloured flowers she has grown.
Aberdeen Gardening

Alistair has been gardening for more than four decades and uses his blog, Aberdeen Gardening to profile the plants he and his wife Myra have been growing in Scotland. 

Moving to Cheshire last year, Alistair continues his plant growing and continues to document the work he does in his back garden, including the blossoming Primulas, Crocus and Daffodils.
Alternative Eden

Alternative Eden follows the story of Mark and Gaz’s garden in Bedfordshire.  Using mostly hardy plants with some more tender accent plants in pots, the pair have taken wonderful photos to accomplish their blog posts.

Aside from just plants, Mark and Gaz have also built a Koi Pond in their garden and documented their visits to many public gardens visited both in the United Kingdom and across the world.
Flighty’s Plot

Going by the name of Flighty, Flighty’s Plot follows a 30 by 60 feet allotment in Harrow. 
Most things here are planted or sown directly, including Daffodils, Rhubarb and Crocuses.  The allotment also has its fair share of wildlife making an appearance!
The Anxious Gardener

Save the biggest ‘til last!  David Marsden, the Anxious Gardener looks after six acres of grounds and a sixteenth century priory in East Sussex.

David’s beautiful and mesmerising work is documented on his blog as well as some of the wildlife he has the pleasure to spend time with.  Be sure to check out some of the photos of cute animals David has published on his blog.

Written By Fiona

New Spring Gift Ideas for Everyone

Tuesday, 25th March 2014

A few simple gift ideas to help you make this Spring extra special!

We hope you are enjoying the first few days of Spring! The bright sky is bringing a smile to our faces here at QWERKITY – as is the launch of our new Spring Gift collection, which is online now! Here’s a taster of the new products we have to offer:
Ferrari Ballpoint Pen
It might not be the dream car itself but our Ferrari pen, made by Schaeffer®, is finished in the unmistakable Rossa Corsa red gloss, to create a professional yet undeniably cool look. For an extra-special, unique gift, have your pen personalised. One of our ultimate gifts for him!

Available Plain and Personalised.


Telephone Box Bird Feeder

Our Telephone Box Bird Feeder is the star of our latest catalogue cover and has already become extremely popular with bird-lovers everywhere.. It’s the perfect way to add a little British quirkiness to your Spring garden!

Waterproof Action Video Camera
Do you want to capture every special moment this Spring? This tiny Video Camera takes superb quality action shots, and at 2 x 5.5cm, you can take it with you wherever you go!

It comes with a waterproof plastic case that allows you to film under water, up to a depth  of 10m, and you can use the attachments to clip it to your snorkel, helmet, bike or boat so you can film hands-free; you’ll never miss a moment!

The camera is so easy to use and affordable that it’s fun for adults, kids and adventurous students alike!

Wine Wizard
The Wine Wizard is perfect for dinner parties or everyday family meals, or you can use it to display bottles on a sideboard or side table. It holds 3 slim wine, whisky or other similar-shaped bottles, and rotates smoothly on its base for easy viewing and selection.

RHS Floral Kneeler & Gloves
The daffodils are blooming and you may be keen to get gardening! Our RHS Floral Kneeler & Gloves will brighten your garden in an instant with their beautiful bold blue design. The perfect gift idea for any gardener, they are practical and stylish.

Sack Race Set
Spring is time for family fun as the sun starts to brighten our lives a little and the air is still crisp enough to enjoy running around with the kids! Our Sack Race Set is the perfect kit for hours of energetic outdoor fun.

Take a look also at our Giant Pick-Up Sticks, another great Garden Game idea.

Personalised Steiff® Bear
A truly memorable gift and an heirloom for future generations, this personalised Steiff® Bear is a sentimental classic that will be loved by young and old.

Ensure your gift is like no other by choosing exactly how to personalise your bear, creating an ideal Christening or birthday gift that will watch over the recipient for a lifetime.

And one old favourite…

Lid Sid
Lid Sid is not a new product but is certainly an old favourite! Lid Sid is an ingenious little device that’ll stop your pans from boiling over as you cook – plus he’s definitely got the cute factor! Lid Sid is a simple, quirky gift for a friend who loves to cook, or for a student leaving home and cooking for themselves for the first time, and who could use Sid’s helping hand in the kitchen.


Written By Fiona

Mother's Day Inspiration!

Friday, 7th March 2014

Struggling to come up with an original, quirky idea for your Mum this Mother’s Day?

Everyone is different.  Why should you be stuck with the same ordinary gift ideas when your Mum is extraordinary?  We offer quirky products for quirky people, providing you with the perfect way to show your Mum how much she means to you.

We’ve chosen 10 of our very best products to make Mother's Day even more special.

1. One Line A Day Book

Busy Mums are creating memories every day, but often don’t have the time to record them. Don’t let your Mum miss a single special day with our One Line A Day Book; it’s like a diary, but gives you the chance to make a note of just the very best bits.


2. Relaxology Massage Mask
Relaxation – something Mums never quite have enough time for! Our Relaxology Massage Mask is more than a simple gift to brighten her day – it massages the temple to remove tension, eases headaches and sinuses, and relieves tired, puffy eyes – perfect for helping her relax and keep on top of her well-being all year round.

3. Devilishly Different Drinking Fudge

Mother’s Day is definitely a day on which our Mums should treat themselves. Our Devilishly Different Drinking Fudge is a real sweet treat for your Mum – but is something a little bit different from the usual box of chocolates. It’s unlikely she’ll have come across something quite like it before, but if she has a sweet tooth this is a treat like no other!


4. Gin & Tonic Bath & Shower Gel
Bath and shower products are classic Mother’s Day gift ideas that we’ve taken a quirky stance on! If a Gin & Tonic is your Mum’s favourite treat and she loves to relax in a hot bath, why not give her the ultimate relaxing experience and combine the two with our Gin & Tonic Bath & Shower Gel!

5. Personalised Family Rules Slate Board
Many Mums take great pride in the family they have brought up, so a reminder of your happy family’s attitude to life may be the perfect gift! Our personalised Family Rules Slate Board will brighten the day of everyone who reads it.

6.  Penhaligon’s Scent Library
Perfume is another classic Mother’s Day gift – but our Penhaligon’s Scent Library is a little different, providing your Mum not with just one new scent, but a range to choose from!

7. Pug Door Stop
Handsome but practical, Bogart is a wonderful gift for any dog loving Mum! His presence will brighten up any home and certainly put a smile on her face, not only on Mother’s Day but throughout the year.

8. Gorgeous Colouring Book for Grown-Ups
Colouring in is something many of us loved as children. This is your chance to pay back an act of Mother’s love and give your Mum the grown-up version of something that once meant so much to you. Our Gorgeous Colouring Book for Grown-Ups allows adults to get creative and enjoy being artistic just as much as they did when they were young.

9. Pink Champagne Lip Balm
If you’re looking for a simple beauty treat to put a smile on your Mum’s face try our Pink Champagne Lip Balm. Instilled with an all-time favourite flavour, it is a little beauty gift that will quickly become an everyday favourite!

10. Personalised Queen of the Kitchen Chopping Board
If your Mum is a dedicated cook, and responsible for all your childhood family meals, give her the recognition she deserves with our Queen of the Kitchen Chopping Board, personalised with your Mum’s own name to make it extra-special.

View our full range of Mother’s Day gifts.

Written By Fiona

Introducing our Favourite Beauty Bloggers

Thursday, 6th March 2014

Whether you’re looking for a new beauty blog to read, or inspiration to start your own, you’ve come to the right place!

Introducing Our Favourite Beauty Bloggers

We all like to look and feel our best.  At Presents for Men, we all like to dress up and try on a bit of make-up.  And we’re sure you’re just the same.  We even have our own Make-Up, Hair and Nail Products section on the website.

This March, Presents for Men have selected our favourite beauty blogs.  We’d like to say a special thank you to each blogger for inspiring our style, and we hope you enjoy these blogs as much as we do!

Makeup Savvy

Fiona is very enthusiastic about her makeup, mainly focussing on nail art.  “Fee”, as she is known to her audience, writes a number of nail art reviews, often focussing on the low-cost products found both on the High Street and online –  products that all of her audience can afford.

We first came across Fee more than a year ago when one of our employees was looking for Hallowe’en inspiration and this blog provided exactly what they were looking for!

If you’re looking for nail inspiration for a special occasion, you’ll find a number of designs and tutorials at Makeup Savvy.

Forever Amber

Amber is a brilliant, self-employed writer spending her time doing what she does best - blogging! A self-proclaimed shoe addict (she owns 109 and counting), it comes as no surprise that you’ll be reading a lot about shoes!

In addition to this, Amber also writes about a whole load of other interesting topics, from travelling to ‘Random Acts of Stupidity’. This blog has it all. Amber’s blog attracts over 26,000 visitors per month, which is a sure sign that the blog is nothing short of fantastic!

Head over to Amber’s blog for some fantastic beauty ideas, here

Elle Yeah

Born and raised on the French Riviera, Elodie, the author of the wonderfully named Elle Yeah, guides us through her travels; from London to France and recently, her trip to Morocco.

Elodie always dresses up on her adventures and takes the time to show us photos of what she’s been wearing recently and what makeup she has in her handbag.  We love everything Elodie wears and her impressive photography skills too!

Check out what Elodie is wearing today at Elle Yeah.


When we discovered that Zoe is only 23 years of age, we were certain that she deserved a place in our top 20 best beauty bloggers list. Why? Well, at such a young age, not only does Zoe write engagingly, she also has a large following on Youtube - people want to listen to what she has to say!

One of our favourite posts from her blog is the one titled “What's On My Holiday Beauty Shelf?” This informative piece talks about what Zoe took with her when she went on holiday and makes the reader realise that sometimes you don’t need to carry a heavy makeup bag - sometimes minimal makeup is better!

For more helpful beauty advice, be sure to visit Zoe’s blog!

Katie’s Beauty Blog

Katie’s Beauty Blog follows the life of a girl who spends her money on beauty products and makeup more than anything else!

A photography graduate, Katie regularly blogs about her adventures, reviewing products as well ‘vblogging’ (video blogging) tutorials. We love Katie’s work, particularly the 2013 roundup of her favourite eye products.

Read more of Katie’s work here.

Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna is the brains behind Vivianna Does Makeup. A lover of lacquer and a maven of makeup, Anna really knows her stuff! What sets Anna apart from her contemporaries is her unique style and wit, which comes across through her unique style of writing. 

The blog has a good collection of various types of posts, such as reviews and news on the latest looks. Anna receives many replies to her posts from fans; a sure sign of an expert in her field.

Are you in need of beauty expert? You know where to click!

A Little Obsessed 
Sabrina B from London is the fashion blogger behind ‘A Little Obsessed’.  Sabrina reveals her passion in reviewing a number of makeup products, including a number of nail art kits.

We especially like Sabrina’s suggestions for 5 must-have items in your handbag for a city break.  That blog coincided with Sabrina’s trip to Paris!  Alright for some…

Find out what fashion and makeup products Sabrina has been obsessed with lately.

Sparkly Vodka

Hailing from Yorkshire, Caroline is a graphic designer by trade. Alongside this, she also provides superb views on makeup on her blog, Sparkly Vodka.

When reading Caroline’s blog, we liked her initiative of going through her favourite products for each month. For example, we know that in January, Caroline really liked a number of products, such as Bleach London Silver Shampoo.

If you want to find out about some worthwhile products, Sparkly Vodka is the one!

Sophie etc.
Sophie is an 18-year old style and beauty blogger who is currently a student of English literature and creative writing.

Dressing up and reviewing makeup products comes naturally to Sophie who runs this blog in her spare time.  Sophie regularly takes photos of herself in outfits and putting on makeup.  Sophie looks like she had a lot of fun during this photo-shoot titled “Carry Me”.

Find out what else Sophie has been taking photos of recently, here.

Ever So Juliet

Yep, you’ve guessed it. The owner behind this fabulous blog is Juliet. While Juliet may write about baking and lifestyle, she also writes about beauty - and boy, does she do it well! 

As a creative enthusiast, it is no surprise that Juliet enjoys nail art and hair styling. One post in particular that we enjoyed is “GHD Style & Protect Gift Set”.

If you are looking for creative self-styling ideas, you wouldn’t want to miss this blog.

British Beauty Blogger

Jane, the author behind ‘British Beauty Blogger’ is a prolific blogger who reviews a number of makeup products each week.

As well as running her own blog, Jane has her own beauty channel on YouTube where she reviews products by ‘vblogging’, too.

Find a review of any beauty product you can think of over at British Beauty Blogger.

Pearls & Poodles

Originating from the town famous for its sense of style (Essex), Pearls and Poodles takes advantage of her natural flair for style and shares it brilliantly with her reader base.

From the many posts written on fashion and beauty, we picked the “YSL Peach Passion Rouge Volupte lipstick” as our personal favourite. Why? Because, not only has it been written very well, but we love her choice of imagery too.

We are confident that you will enjoy the blog just as much as we do. Go on, visit the blog!

Charissa Rae

Regularly styling a number of outfits on her front doorstep, as well as reviewing the odd beauty product, each week we look forward to seeing what uniform Charissa Rae is sporting.
Charissa is so popular that before Christmas she was invited to the opening of a brand new fragrance shop in Newcastle – which she blogged about.  We hope they gave you some freebies Charissa!
See what Charissa is wearing this week by visiting her website.


As soon as we came across this blog, we immediately knew that Glowstars had to be on our list of top beauty bloggers. The striking colours and the use of images really impressed us.

Glowstars focuses a fair amount on nail art and rightly so as Vic, the author behind the blog holds a number of qualifications in this area. For example, she covered a course on Gelish Gel Polish. So you can be confident that she knows what she writes about. 

If you’re looking for tips and pointers about how to look after your nails, be sure to check out Glowstars!


A graduate in fashion design and production, Victoria mixes her own fashion shoots with product reviews on her blog, Vipxo.

We’re very jealous of Victoria who recently went to Indonesia and took photos of her latest outfit in the pool at her hotel.

See what Victoria has to say about makeup products and what she’s wearing this week on her blog.

Lily Melrose

The blog, Lily Melrose, covers everything beauty related, from skincare to eyebrows and even eyelashes! This is a refreshing take on blogging as it focuses on one area and does it well.

Lily’s latest blog titled “How To: Update Your Skincare For Spring” was extremely helpful and informative as it advices readers upon the type of factors they should take into account when getting ready for Spring. For example, did you know you should be wearing SPF all year round?

If you are interested in finding out more, head over to Lily Melrose!

Let’s Talk Beauty

One thing we love about Vicki’s blog, Let’s Talk Beauty, is that she always writes an in-depth review of the beauty products.

Mainly focussing on beauty and skincare related products, Vicki reviews a number of products from bath foams, cleansers and anti-aging creams.

Find out what skincare products you may be missing out on as Vicki talks beauty.

We Shop Therefore We Are

Although the blog started in 2010, it has already been shortlisted for ‘Best High Street Blog’ three times! And that is why ladies and gents, we had to include the blog within our list! In addition to this, the blog has gained much exposure through a number of well-respected articles and magazines.

One of the latest posts is geared towards preparing for your holidays and really makes the reader prepare for their own adventures. The article tackles issues such as the type of clothes and accessories one ought to take with them when going abroad.

If you are planning on going on a holiday and are not sure what to take with you, click here!

Emma Belle Fashion

Predominantly reviewing fashion and beauty products, Emma also enlightens us on her personal life and the occasional recipe.  Those aside, we love Emma’s opinions of all things beauty related.

As a welcome distraction from Emma’s fashion advice, last month she posted this adorable photo of her cat, Treacle.  We hope you love the kitty as much as we do!

Read more of Emma’s fashion advice here.

Dinosaur Dances

Interested in fashion and beauty, Lucy took up blogging to channel her interests on a useful platform - and she’s doing it well!

While blogging about lifestyle and food, you can also expect information on the latest fashion and beauty products.  For example, in the post “Eyeliner Week: The Tools”, Lucy provides helpful tips on the required tools (in this case, brushes) in order to create that perfect eye definition. 

Are you also looking for tips on how to look glamorous? Then, Dinosaur Dancesis the one for you!
Are there any fashion bloggers we missed out on the list that we should be taking tips from each week?  Please use the comment box below for suggestions!

Written By Fiona

Take Something Up This Lent!

Wednesday, 5th March 2014

This Lent we challenge you not to give something up – but to take something up!

 Are you struggling to think of what to give up for Lent, or looking for a new challenge that you haven’t haven’t tried before?

This Lent we challenge you not to give something up – but to take something up!

It’s the perfect way to embark on those projects and learn the skills you’ve always wanted to but never quite found time for.

In case you need a little inspiration, we have a list of our top 10 products to help you on your way:
Learn a new language
How often have you wished for better language skills, as someone passes you by speaking fluent French, and wondered why you never took as much interest when you were in school? There’s no time like now to set aside some time and get the skills you’ve always wanted. Next time you’re on holiday you can surprise your family with your new-found skills – feeling more secure in speaking a new language might even encourage you to travel!

Destination French with Paul Noble 
Destination Italian with Paul Noble 
Destination Spanish with Paul Noble 
Take up Yoga/ Pilates
Fitness is one thing we all struggle to find time for, but it is genuinely important for our health and well-being. Yoga and Pilates are popular with many people who do not like the idea of vigorous exercise but are keen to keep on top of their fitness. Our Yoga and Pilates Book and DVD Sets allow you to boost your fitness from the comfort of your own home.

Yoga Book and DVD
Pilates Book and DVD

Improve Your Computer Skills
If you aren’t so computer savvy, this can seem an intimidating task to take on – but it’s well worth the effort. If you’re a stay-at-home Mum or Dad looking to get back into work, computer skills can boost your confidence and improve your chances of getting a job. If you’re a dedicated Gran trying to keep up with your gadget-loving grandchildren, you may find this challenge equally rewarding.

Computer Guides for The Older Generation - Get Started In Computing
Go Somewhere New Each Day
If you’ve lived in a certain area for a while, you may have forgotten that there are bound to be many fascinating places that surround you, within driving distance of your own home. Why not get out and explore somewhere new each day? One day you may find a new walking route, another day you may find a new restaurant. Whatever you come across it’ll make this year’s 40 days of Lent more stimulating.

Near the Motorways - Affordable Alternatives to Service Stations

Get Back Into Reading
If you love reading but don’t find time for it, maybe slot in half an hour a day especially to read over Lent – we all have favourite classics we’ve been aspiring to take on, or recommendations from friends that promise hours of intrigue once you’ve made the commitment and you’re a few pages in. You may find you’re widening your imagination, learning more about people and altering your perspective on the world as you read about people and events you had no concept of before. If you want to broaden your scientific or historical knowledge, choose a couple of factual books to work your way through.

Ultra Bright Book Light
Complete a DIY project over Lent
We all have DIY projects we put off, why not select one big project or several small ones and give yourself the full 40 days to get it done – we’ve got the tools to help you!

25-Piece Mini Tool Kit
Have a big sort out/deep clean
Set yourself a different small area of your home – a chest of drawers, an overcrowded bookcase – to sort each day for the 40 days of Lent and you’ll have your home looking perfect by Easter! Give old, unwanted items to charity shops and you’ll be helping others as well as helping yourself. We’ve got plenty of home products to help you with storage:

Jumbo Storage and Shopping Bags

Do up your garden over Lent
As Spring is approaching, you might be wondering how to get your garden ready to make the most of it in time for Summer. Try making a plan that will help you get everything sorted by Easter, assigning yourself a small task each day. Plant flowers, get your paving moss-free, or re-design – we’ve got plenty to help you get your garden perfect for whatever you have planned, whether that be a place for children to play or somewhere to host Summer garden parties.

Rectangular Wooden Planter

Learn a new recipe every day, or just alter those you love
Maybe cutting out one food isn’t the answer for you this Lent – instead, try to to make your meals more varied or more healthy. We’ve got plenty of books and products for foodies that are bound to inspire you!

The Flavour Thesaurus

Start a diary
To really treasure your time this Lent, why not keep your memories safe and start a diary. This might seem an intimidating task if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, but our Line a Day diary will help you record just the most important moments.

One Line a Day Book

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2 Quirky Valentine's Day Gifts

Thursday, 6th February 2014

Stuck for ideas this Valentine's Day? Take a look at our top 2 Quirky gift ideas!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve got plenty of quirky, romantic and personal gifts so that you can treat that special person in your life.

We’ve selected just two of our favourites to give you a little extra guidance, should you feel spoiled for choice!

1. Choc-o-lait Hot Chocolate gift set.

Choc-o-lait Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Our no. 1 favourite is our Choc-o-lait Hot Chocolate gift set. What could be better than spending a frosty February evening curled up with someone you love and a mug of hot chocolate? This set is a real treat – not your regular, powdered hot chocolate but a block of pure Belgian chocolate melted into milk. Just make sure your other half is willing to share!

 Find it here

2. Leather Rugby Wash Bag

Leather Rugby Wash Bag

Our Leather Rugby Wash Bag is a consistent favourite and an ideal present for a partner who wants their passion for sports to shine through. Excellent quality, made from the softest leather and detailed with beautiful stitching, it’s a luxurious gift that is both practical and personal.

Find it here

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Introduce a Friend Competition Winner

Wednesday, 5th February 2014

Find out who our lucky winner of our Introduce a Friend Competition is!

We are very pleased to announce that the winner of our latest Introduce a Friend Competition has been draw; congratualtions to Sarah Benedict! Sarah has won £50 of vouchers to spend with us. We hope you enjoy your prize!

Thank you to everyone who entered and recommended a friend. We hope that you all find some great gift ideas for yourselves, friends and family members,

To enter a future Introduce a Friend Competition, simply fill in one of the Introduce a Friend cards sent out with our catalogues.

Written By Fiona
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Introducing Our Favourite Family Bloggers

Tuesday, 4th February 2014

Whether you're looking for a new blog to read or some inspiration to start your own, you've come to the right place!

 Introducing Our Favourite Family Bloggers
There is little in this world more important than family. At Presents for Men, we like to feel like we play a little part in spreading happiness to families, with Christmas and Valentine’s Day gifts and other special occasions covered, our gifts for him & her have brought joy to many.

This month, the Presents for Men team have selected our favourite family blogs. Thanks for keeping us happy!

Playing by the Book

We all love to read a good book. But what happens when we take the story or theme of a book and apply them to play time?

Zoe shows us how books can be used beyond storytelling, using them as inspiration to learn and play through activities related to the story’s plot, themes and content. This might be painting, cooking or conducting science experiments.

“One of my favourites is Zoe’s review of Handmade Christmas. The decorations she created with Red Ted Art’s help were beautiful and inspired my family to make our own Christmas decorations last year” –(Sarah)

Read more on Playing by the Book

Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art

This blog publishes instructions for arts and crafts to keep children busy, and to encourage their creativity. With lots of activities for all seasons, there is something suited for all ages and skill levels, there are even projects for mums and dads to work on with the kids.

We love the way Maggy seems to be able to make something beautiful from anything around the house. She has certainly inspired us to think twice about what we can do with what we throw away.

“I tried my hand at Maggy’s knitted hearts, but wasn’t very good. This blog inspired me to take up knitting as a hobby.” – (Robin)

Get crafty now with Red Ted Art

Mediocre Mum

Mediocre Mum

Don’t let the name fool you. Mediocre Mum is a wild one! She has jumped out of planes, ran marathons, travelled the world and… sleeps with her eyes open!

Oh, and she’s not long turned 40. But that doesn’t mean she wants to sit down just yet. Mediocre Mum (AKA Chrissie) has great recipes for those who love to use the slow cooker, tips for staying fabulous (for those turning 40) and some great posts exploring arts and crafts. Chrissie has so many strings to her bow, and this is why we love her. Honest, opinionated and not shy to try new things, Chrissie is a great role model.

“I love Chrissie’s dry humour and her funny anecdotes. She’s a gifted writer who’s always sharing her clever ideas in a comical way.” (Barrie)

You can catch up with Mediocre Mum here.

Patch of Puddles

Patch of Puddles

An exploration into the heart warming, yet sometimes challenging world of ‘The Puddlechicks’.
Merry’s beautifully written posts cover home education, health issues and outdoor fun with the family. She’s not afraid to tackle difficult, personal issues and many rely on her blog as a form of support – thank you Merry!

This blog is colourful and insightful, and we love the way Merry shares her wealth of knowledge with her readers. Keep up the good work!

“I came to Patch of Puddles because I wanted to home school my girls – the resources on Merry’s blog were paramount in me reaching my decision.” – (Zoe-Lee)

Catch up with the Puddlechicks over on Patch of Puddles.

Metropolitan Mum

The blog name itself may have the word ‘mum’ in it, but it is far from what one may expect. Topics ranging from fashion to travelling – with a touch of humour - the blog certainly keep the readers on their toes! 

What amazes us is how Deborah doesn’t shy away from trying her hands at new things. For example, her illustrations are definitely something to look forward to. From models to sketches, they definitely get our creative juices flowing.

“I enjoy visiting Metropolitan Mums blog for a number of reason, namely to see what she gets up to with the adorable family of hers as well as to get inspired by her life journeys”. – (Syeda)

If you’re also looking for inspiration, this blog is the one!  

Carrots and Kids

An intriguing name for an intriguing blog. Having blogged for 5 years, Deb’s really knows her stuff, especially when to comes to gardening.

With the use of great images coupled with well written words, any reader will be compelled to visit this blog time and time again. ‘Sew, make, grow, bake’. That’s the tagline used in the blog and appropriately summarises the site.

“I thoroughly enjoy visiting Carrots and Kids and reading the latest posts. I think it’s because, Deb keeps her posts varied and it’s always a pleasure getting the latest gardening tips and tricks” – (James)
Looking for gardening tips? Click here.

Housewife Confidential

The name would suggest that the blog might be highly secretive, but it is anything but secretive. In Kat’s own words, the blog is an ‘open-hearted diary.’ Not only this, but Kat is a creative and a professional individual, and that shows throughout her blog.

We absolutely love this blog for various reasons. As well as being vibrant and colourful, it can also be rather adorable. For example, take a look at this post. Cute, eh?

“It’s always interesting to see what Kat writes about. The fact that the blog is light hearted and not too serious always makes it joyful to read.” – (Justin)

Feel free to click here for more posts.


English Mum

English Mum AKA Becky is a food, travelling and parenting writer with an hilarious writing style. Not only will you see recipes on her blog, but she is also a member of the Disney 7. How cool is that?!
We chose this blog as one of our favourites simply because it never fails to make us smile. Read this post and tell us you didn’t have a little chuckle. We’re waiting. See, you did laugh, didn’t you?!

“English Mum has an English sense of humour, which is why I have made it a point to visit the blog every now and again.”  - (Rachel)

If you’re looking to de-stress, we highly recommend visiting English Mum.


Jo Beaufoix

Along with holding competitions and writing reviews, Jo also writes about general matters, which are interesting to read - especially with a pinch of dry wit.

It was hard to choose a favourite post as there were so many great examples, but we finally chose this fun post. Well done, little Johnny Depp!

“With her witty writing style, I know I’ll never get bored of visiting her blog. Keep up the good work, Jo!” – (Sarah)

We recommend everyone visits Jo’s blog. Too good to be missed!

Asperger’s Info

An extremely informative blog written from the point of view of someone who deals with Asperger’s syndrome on a daily basis.

We at Presents for Men chose this blog simply because we admire how open Calire is about her syndrome online. No doubt, it must be difficult to write about mental health issues on a public platform, but Claire does this superbly. At the same time however, Aspergers Info has the right balance in writing about other stuff that life has a tendency to throw at her too.

“Claire’s posts are interesting and enjoyable to read. With a clean looking blog, the content is never too overwhelming”. - (Robin)

Take a look at Asperger’s Info today.

Juggle Mum

The title says it all really! Nadine is a successful professional, with a number of businesses, projects and blogs under her portfolio. She manages all this while looking after her family- she really does juggle her life well!

We liked the Juggle Mum blog as it is so refreshing and exciting. A particular post we enjoyed reading would be the one in which she announced her new business. It is always encouraging to see mothers doing well in their professional life even after having kids!

“Juggle Mum is a brilliant blog. Along with doing what majority of what other bloggers do, Nadine also uses it creatively for new ventures. Good luck with your new business, Nadine!”  - (Zoe-Lee)

Head over to Juggle Mum’s blog.

At Home with Mrs M

Mrs M lives in the countryside with her family, eight cats, two dogs, two in-laws and a number of squirrels! No doubt, she has a lot of interesting stories to tell through her blog, ranging from travelling tales to banoffee pie shots…yes, you’ve read that right!

We really enjoy this blog; one of the reasons being that she knows the way to our stomachs with her delicious recipes. For example, if you’ve got a real hankering to bake, this post is very helpful.

“I always visit At Home with Mrs M, especially when I need inspiration in the kitchen. Thank you for the help you have provided so far, Mrs M!” - (James)

Check what’s going on at Mrs M’s Home

The Newhouse Family

Hazel over at The Newhouse Family has a whale of a time with her two girls. The family get up to all sorts of fun from gardening to cooking, from painting to photography.

Hazel’s observations section often takes a look at controversial issues, or humorous things that we can all relate to.

“I love the way Hazel takes serious issue such as breastfeeding, and creates a fun and energetic post, while not shying away from making her opinions clear” – (Syeda)

Take a look at what’s going on in the Newhouse Family right now.

Bringing Up Charlie

Funnily enough, the blog isn’t just about bringing up Charlie, although that plays a major part. Tim writes about other stuff too, like the education system in Great Britain and how to start writing that novel you always wanted to.

We really like this blog. Firstly, because some of the posts are provocative, especially the one in which Tim discusses whether children’s TV is really good for them. You can read more here. Additionally, with the blogging scene being mistaken for ‘mummy’s space’, it is nice to see someone challenging the status quo.

“Tim really knows how to write well and pique your interest from the first sentence of the post. Also, as some of the posts are provocative, it is always a pleasure to see what Tim writes next”. - (Barrie)
If you’re looking for some writing inspiration, click here!


Being A Mummy

This blog carries out numerous product reviews to a high standard. Also, living a suburban, family life, the blogger provides an interesting insight.

We think this blog is very trustworthy, especially with the reviews being so honest. For example, after having read the review on Turbo, I will definitely treat the kids to this one. It sure seems like it will go down a treat with them…and perhaps save me from a headache!

“One of the reasons Being A Mummy blog is great, is because it is helpful and straight to the point. I know I can rely on the blogger to provide me with helpful suggestions.” - (Sarah)

Find out what life’s like Being a Mummy.

Single Parent Dad

It is wonderful to read this blog, especially knowing that Ian has brought his son up all by himself after his wife sadly passed away. The blog strikes the right balance between general posts and personal experience. All this makes it pleasant to read when there are interesting images and videos to see!

After seeing this informative and educational post, we decided that Single Parent Dad deserved to be one of our favourites! Did you know that Robins (the birds) don’t usually travel more than three miles? I sure didn’t! 

“Single Parent Dad is one of my personal favourite blog, because it consists of very good and worthwhile content. Always a pleasure to read!” - (Rachel)

Find out some more facts here.

Violet Posy

This blog consists of a variety of posts, mainly on design and home style. The perspective the blogger gives on interior design is inspirational!

We liked this blog, because of the design ideas it gives from different types of furnishings to full-blown makeovers. This particular post has inspired me to do my own room up, which I have been avoiding for a while now due to lack of ideas. About time I made a move!

“As the blog is specific to design, I think it works well. It has carved a niche for itself.” - (James)

Read more here.

All Baby Advice

Mirka shares parenting tips (as you probably have guessed by now) and she does it well! In one of her posts, she noted some interesting facts and figures on accidents caused by hair straighteners. A must read for those who regularly use hair styling equipment in the family home.

We chose this blog as we believe some of the information, if not all, can come in handy for parents. We understand how difficult and equally overwhelming it can be for new parents.

“All Baby Advice is wonderful to read and the images are just as wonderful to see. Being a new parent myself, I always make sure to see what Mirka has to say in her posts”- (Sarah)

Find out more Baby Advice here.

Transatlantic Blonde

The blog is beautifully constructed and gives an insight into the life of a first time mummy who is several miles away from her family. She writes about a wide range of topics from what she wears to suitable toys.

A unique feature of the blog is how some of the posts are part of a sequel, which makes it all the more exciting to look forward to the follow up post. For example, the blogger shows what she wears for each day of the week and you just want to know what she will wear the next day!

“I look forward to reading the posts. As I have been a regular reader, I feel as though I personally know the blogger and that’s an indication of how well she writes!”- (Rachel)

See what Transatlantic Blonde is writing about now.

Sleep Is For The Weak

“Stories and pictures from a creative life”, that’s the blogs tagline and it lives up to its name. Going through the blog, the images used catch your attention and compels the reader to click on them to find out more.

We chose this blog, because not only does it showcase the family life of Josie, it also gives an in depth insight into the lives of children in need. The blog also promotes the Save the Children charity and always keeps us updated on recent issues.

“I enjoy visiting Josie’s blog from time to time to get my creative juices flowing. We all know how hard that can be!” - (Zoe-Lee)

Click here to see those stories and pictures from a creative life.

Written By Fiona

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