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Bad weather products and accessories

Winter is here! To prepare yourself for frosty and icy mornings, here is a selection of tools and accessories to help make light work of frost and ice and keep you warm and safe this Winter.
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  • Yaktrax Pro
  • £15.99
  • The Yaktrax® Pro will instantly give you better traction, confidence and safety on ice or packed snow.
  • Magnetic Windscreen Cover
  • £9.99
  • Put an end to scraping ice from your windscreen in winter or enduring a baking hot car in the summer with this Magnetic Windscreen Cover.
  • Walking Stick Ice Grip
  • £7.99
  • An easy-to-attach grip that simply fits round the base of your walking stick to prevent you slipping on ice.
  • Emergency Blanket
  • £2.99
  • Every car owner, hiker and skier should have one. It weighs only 50g and folds to the size of a cigarette packet.
  • Instant Roll Out Ice Carpet
  • £10.99
  • Make garden paths, steps and driveways safe in the ice and snow without shovelling, sweeping or laying salt.
  • Lambswool Insoles
  • £6.50
  • Do you suffer from cold feet? Natural Lambswool Insoles will keep your toes warm and cosy.
  • Mega-Powerful Torch - Large
  • £29.99
  • Shine a super bright light to illuminate any situation with this extremely powerful and versatile 2-in-1 Torch.
  • Windproof Lighter
  • £9.99
  • Light a barbeque, bonfire, candles or a cigarette, even in a gale, with this stylish Windproof Lighter.
  • Battery-Powered Storm Lanterns
  • £14.99
  • Vintage-style hurricane lamps with adjustable energy-saving LED lights mean no smelly kerosene or danger of fire.
  • Hydro Sack Flood Defence
  • £20.99
  • Weighing only 0.5kg deflated, these evolutionary flood defence products are easy to lift and position, unlike heavy sandbags.
  • Hydrosnake Sandless Sandbags
  • £29.99
  • Do you live with the fear of your house, cellar or garage flooding? These Hydrosnake Sandless Sandbags are a must for anyone living in a flood area.
  • SealSkinz Winter Gloves
  • £39.99
  • Protect yourself from the elements with SealSkinz® – the ultimate waterproof, breathable gloves.
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  • 1 to 20 items of 20
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